Nothing is more important to Bravo than safety. We offer a line of protective wear that ensures your kids are always safe whether they are riding Skateboards or Scooters, cruising on their Ride-Ons, or Roller Skating. Helmets with the Kryptonics, Spade and Nutcase brands feature fun colors and designs while providing the ultimate in protection. Our Junior Skates are typically sold as a set with elbow pads and knee pads.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, and the California State mandated directives surrounding “non-essential workers” needing to shelter in place, the Bravo Consumer Call Center, while still operational, is at significantly reduced staff levels. Therefore, responses to any emails or phone calls will be significantly delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and hope to resume normal operations as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.
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