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The View Shows Off Bravo Sports’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Scooter


Santa Fe Springs, CA –  The View, a nationally syndicated  and award winning talk show, featured Bravo Sports’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle scooter on a holiday gift guide segment on the show. The audience members cheered when they learned they would be taking home a scooter!  To watch The View segment, click here: Here is a transcript of the segment: if you’re a last-minute gift-getter like me and haven’t even put a dent in your list yet, don’t worry. because walmart has you covered. and here to show us some great gift ideas for everyone on your list, please welcome lifestyle expert jenn falik. hello. >> hello. how are you? >> you have got us covered for real here. >> yeah. we scoured walmart, found great finds for everyone on your list. >> i love these. you ready? look alive, people. whoa. >> yes, the first gift idea we have are pajamas. everyone needs them. something we all, for the most part, wear. they’re great options for kids. the “frozen” kargts. the teenage mutant ninja turtles. for dad, from fruit of the loom. >> i’ll give these to my husband. i don’t know. very cute. i love the kids’ ones. okay, and here’s the next one. this is probably on many of my friends’ lists. ready? >> let’s do it. >> whoa. >> toys. everyone looks forward to the barbie. this year, the special edition holiday barbie. this year, she’s flam rouse. gorgeous in her red, her gold. the keepsake box. >> she’s ready for a party. love that, right? okay, and this, my son is already on his second scooter and he’s not even 3. this, you know, everybody has at least one of these. >> scooters are such a hit. at walmart, you can find princesses, teenage mutant ninja turtles. frozen. what kid would inspect wantnot want to wear this? >> i don’t let my son on the scooter in the apartment without putting on the helmet. should we tell them if? >> go ahead. members of the audience are going home with both of these. the barbie and the scooters. right? [ cheers and applause ] …  ABOUT BRAVO SPORTS: Bravo Sports, global leader in the recreational and sporting goods markets, has a stable of market-leading brands, including:  E-Z UP™, Shade Tech™, Quik Shade™, John Deere™, Element™, Moto Shade™, Quik Chair™, Quik Shade Pets™,  Airzone™, Variflex™, Pulse Performance Products™,  Pulse Safe Start™, Kryptonics™, Darkstar™,  Speed Demons™,  X Games™, Satellite™, Maple™, Channel One™, Static™, Ten-Eighty™, and Hyper™; to go along with several industry leading licenses with other outstanding partners like Marvel™,  Nickelodeon™, Disney/Pixar™ and Sanrio™.  Products made by Bravo Sports, which include Instant Canopies, Instant Shaded Pet Beds, Skateboards, Scooters, Electric Scooters, Skates, Ramps, Rails, Trampolines, and more, can be found at major retailers worldwide.  Bravo Sports headquarters is located at 12801 Carmenita Rd., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. 562-484-5100,,,,,