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Theresa Reviews PlayWheels Frozen Skates and Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Scooter

Santa Fe Springs, CA– Popular Mom-Blogger and all things ‘lifestyle’ website, Theresa’s Reviews, featured a review on the Disney Princess Pulse Safe Start electric scooter and the PlayWheels Frozen skates. Theresa added, “The toys succeed in making the entire family happy.”

In regards to seeing the Pulse Safe Start scooter for the first time, Theresa wrote:

“Georgiana couldn’t stop smiling when she saw her Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric Scooter. With Disney princesses covering the scooter, not only did it look appealing, but it also was motorized.”

The Pulse Safe Start scooter was perfect for Theresa’s youngest daughter, as she states:

“Since Georgiana is growing out of toddler toys but not quite big enough for the outdoor toys that Samantha uses, the Disney scooter was the perfect size for her. Getting on it for the first time, she made the funniest face when she realized it could move without her pushing it. She was just old enough to learn how to control the direction and stay on the sidewalk.”

Theresa said the following about her older daughter trying to skate for the first time using the PlayWheels Frozen skates:

“Even though Samantha didn’t learn to skate on her first time in wearing the roller skates, she was all grins. I was proud that she gave it a try and stuck with it the whole time we were outside. The skates were simple to use and very high quality. To give children more of a reason to challenge themselves, you can also buy safety gear for skating.

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