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Kidsday Reporter Gives Kryptonics 33″ W Concave Longboard “5 smiles out of 5”

Santa Fe Springs, CA – A reporter from Kidsday, a division of daily newspaper Newsday, reviewed the Kryptonics 33” W Concave Longboard. She said that “the skateboard teaches you to become a better athlete and to become better at certain skills.” They rated the product “5 smiles out of 5.”

The Kryptonics skateboard was noted for its style as well as beginner-friendly design. The “palm trees blowing in the wind on a sunset” and the “slight curve to help with control” were pros that were mentioned. Pictured is a kid riding the skateboard with a giant smile on their face.

She went on to say that this skateboard offers a great way to trick kids into getting outside and getting exercise, saying, “I think the skateboard is useful for kids who don’t want to exercise, because it is fun and they probably wouldn’t know it is exercise.”

Kidsday Reporter

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