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Bravo Sports – Hawk Retro Board Release – Action Sports


Santa Fe Springs, Ca.—It’s here and busting through doors! The Tony Hawk Retro board by the Tony Hawk Park series is a reissue of an iconic board designed with new street flavor.

Due to his achievements and stellar persona, Hawk remains “the most well-known and well-liked professional skateboarder” as mentioned on And according to, Hawk‘s Q score is 22, pushing him to a 17 percent lead over all others in the action sports industry.

“Tony Hawk is the high-water mark,” Henry Schafer, executive vice president at Marketing Evaluations Inc./The Q Scores Company — the Manhasset, N.Y.-based company that has produced the Q Score since 1963 — tells “Tony Hawk is known by almost 80 percent of sports fans right now. He has an above-average Q Score. He’s got the highest awareness of any extreme athlete we measured this year.”

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12 years after his retirement in 1999, Hawk’s family of influential brands continues to innovate and deliver to a growing market of kids and parents alike.

Ready to ignite a new spark, the Tony Hawk 80s retro board is an outstanding example of current cruiser trends. Much like the original, this board features the famous Iron Cross and Hawk Skull that fans have come to know and love.

The deck displays a large concave for comfort and control. A double kicktail gives superior trick ability; and the big 10” width gives riders the wide deck feel of 80s skating. It’s the perfect board for anyone looking to purchase a cruiser or take it up a notch and capitalize on the trick board features in an old school complete.

Started by Tony himself, the Tony Hawk Skatepark Series was designed to deliver pro quality and superior value to new generation skaters of all skill levels.

Explosive fact: White 80s Powell Peralta Tony Hawk Retro board is the top selling reissue board in the market today.

Available colors: Black, White and Red.

In Store Location: Black sold in Target only. White sold in catalog. Red sold in Toys “R” Us only.