About Bravo

Management Team

Our project managers, sales coordinators, and product visionaries hail from a wide array of industries and backgrounds. Combining the talents of experts in team-building and pioneer leadership, the Bravo Sports management team remains at the forefront of the industry, producing comprehensive solutions and unparalleled services.

Leonardo Pais
Chief Executive Officer
As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Pais oversees all aspects of Bravo Sports operations. Mr. Pais is a 25 year veteran of the action sports and outdoor goods industry. A native of Italy, Mr. Pais expanded Bravo Sports to his homeland in 1995 when he founded the European Distribution and Manufacturing division. Four years later, he moved to the U.S. as the President of Bravo Sports. Mr. Pais was named CEO in 2000.After receiving his degree in economics from Bologna University in Italy, Mr. Pais gained extensive industry experience at HEAD NV, a leading branded sporting goods manufacturer, and at Lotto Sport Italia, a European soccer footwear and accessory provider.
Mark Heineken
Chief Brand Officer
As Chief Brand Officer of Bravo Sports, Mark Heineken expertly identifies long and short-term growth initiatives, brand development opportunities, and ideal product direction.A professional skater since the age of 14, Mr. Heineken developed a reputation as an industry fixture, skating for brands like Rollerblade and Roces. Early in his career, Mr. Heineken held top roles in Rodolfo’s, one of the largest skateboard and action sports distributors in Europe, eventually leading the company’s buying team to California. Mr. Heineken went on to lead Roces’ product development team and helped generate an aggressive market in the industry. Mr. Heineken created his own action sport company, called Senate, in 1993. Under Mr. Heineken’s leadership, Senate developed significant brand awareness and dominated trends in the inline skate industry. Mr. Heineken holds a B.A. in Sports Marketing in Product Development from the Kweekschool voor de Handel.