Growth Drivers

As our relationships strengthen with industry powerhouse brands, we build on our record of brand success by relentlessly expanding our network. We strive to bring together brands for every niche, making our brand ubiquitous in the industry.

As we grow, we constantly reassess market trends, expanding into adjacent product categories and partnering with brands as exciting (and fast-growing) as our own. We’ve recently strengthened our partnerships in outdoor products, pet products, and action sports have already seen significant growth.

Our extensive track record often gives us advantages in breaking into new markets. For example, our substantial experience in skateboarding allowed us to approach a relevant but distinct category: scooters. Having pioneered many standard practices in the skateboarding market, our knowledge of relevant best practices enabled our expansion into this new market. Potential retailers appreciate our track record and appropriately expect to gain the same innovation and reliability that our current brands enjoy. With every extension into a new category, our overall potential for market entry skyrockets.